quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

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Photografy Rita Rocha

About the play "wind house"

This puppetry play for all publics addresses the issue of jorneys reconciling the affective relationship between a child and an old woman, in the share of experiences and in the construction of an individual and collective identity. It is also an affections jorney through the portuguese traditions, reinventing them in the construction of a world of its own, towards a future that is hoped prosperous.
We would like to propose you to include this production in you cultural calendar.

Play features
Duration – 50 minutes
Target audience – all public / over 4 years-old


“house of winds” is a house and it is a journey. It is a house on a journey. How big a house is? Can a person be a house? Does a house need walls? Can a house be a place, a language, a country…?
This play tells of a journey of two characters looking to maintain their way of being, their space of affections and emotions in a changing world.
In a big city, two characters, Alba and Maria try to cross it carrying a windmill on their back in search of a new hill that will assure a new place to live. But the city breathes, overwhelms and fascinates.
The house comes from the search of the integration of personal and collective memories from everyday life, looking for traditional legacies as the possibility to build an image of its own future, full of memories and reinvented traditions.

Parallel Initiatives
This play may be accompanied by two workshops, an exhibition and an installation
Building automata with children – Clara Ribeiro
Building automata with adults – enVide neFelibata
Photographic exhibition of the creative process – Rita Rocha
Installation of windmills – Filipa Mesquita


creation and interpretation
Filipa Mesquita

Clara Ribeiro

artistic consultant
José Rui Martins

research support
Armando Ferreira

enVide neFelibata

Marta Fernandes da Silva

graphic design
Patrícia Costa

lighting design
Paulo Neto

Fernando Mota

leather props
José Machado

scene photography
Rita Rocha

Filipa Mesquita

Zito Marques

Support and Partnership
Trigo Limpo - Teatro ACERT (artist residency)
Theatro Circo
Auditório de Espinho

Institutional Support
Câmara Municipal de Espinho
Câmara Municipal de Gondomar
Rede Portuguesa de Moinhos
Fórum de Arte e Cultura de Espinho
Junta de Freguesia de Bom Sucesso

Eurospuma, Rebelo - Artes Gráficas

Teatro Mandrágora
Non-profit Association (VAT-exempt)

FACE - Fórum de Arte e Cultura de Espinho
R. 41 / Av. João de Deus
4500 Espinho


Clara Ribeiro 914 514 756 | 934 609 858 Art Direction
Filipa Mesquita 963 394 153 Art Direction
enVide neFelibata 938 940 122 Art Direction